RockRoland is a business focused on providing expansion for business, be that exploring new markets, new products, new strategies, new management or new ideas.

Our clients are stars in their own right but deserve to make that next push, either into new markets or products.   Sometimes just requiring a devil's advocate to bring the organisation to he next stage.   We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in large, medium and small private and public enterprises.   We ask the hard questions, help find the answers and design a route forward.   Sometimes we come on the journey, other times we are happy to see you set off in the right direction.              

Business Philosophy
Our philosophy is best summed up by the statement "We will only work on what will work"

Our consultants are both core and affiliates, who bring extensive international Sales, General Management, Operational excellence and many other aspects of your business, but with specific skills in the On-line, Publishing, IT and telecoms industry

We get involved in calculated business ventures, so "we only work on what will work".


Our customers use our services to help specific issues in relation to IT, E-commerce and Sales and general business strategies.    

One example is the Chicago based company Legacy.com.   Legacy.com are the largest provider of on-line family announcements services to the US newspaper industry.   In September 2006 RockRoland (formerly Nojuego Ltd.) commenced working with Legacy to introduce services to the UK and other markets, with great success, forging the company's international expansion into the UK , Ireland and Australia.  

The company also develops their own niche products and services in the on-line arena and will also consider playing non-executive roles in suitable organisations.  

Lets talk and see what we can do for you.

Tel: +44 (0)28 877 89497 or Explore@RockRoland.com

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