Paul Roche

A long term player in IT industry having worked in various parts of the game, starting as a developer but then holding Sales, and Commercial directors roles in McKeown Software (Now Capita Integrated Business Solutions), to running the eBusiness division in BT Global Services to starting RockRoland. Some projects being slightly off the path, like helping Preval find new markets around the world for the Spray gun. However more mainstream, I have helped Legacy.com start and grow their international business and helped adwonce A/S in Denmark as a non-exec Director.

I have flown a few kites of my own some are still up there but I am great when helping other business grow their businesses, particularly in new international markets. I want to make a difference, so will only work with businesses to which I can really add value, with people I like and products and people I believe in.

Every day is a school day, so I constantly learn new things from or with people I work with.

You could say I am a straight talking, devils advocate, and sensitively insensitive, (sometimes you need to hear the good with the bad)

contact me directly on paul.roche@rockroland.com

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