We look at life as a series of adventures that excite and thrill, while expanding knowledge and maybe creating new stuff, in business it’s the same, here are some of the adventures we’ve been on and some we’re still on.

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Since 2006 RockRoland has worked with the worlds leading Obituary hosting company. The task was to explore the viability of Legacy’s services outside North America. During the time working together we successfully introduced the product to the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Later facilitating acquisitions which extended services into France, Germany Poland and Italy then further growing the business into Spain and Denmark. Continued research into expansion into other markets such as India and Africa, were undertaken too.

As the markets changed RockRoland also managed the sale of parts of the business to streamline operations. Legacy continues to grow and the International business remains an important and valuable contributor to that growth.

Rental yields rise and fall. Landlords want their property occupied at the best possible return and tenants want to rent the best property their money can buy. is a site that seeks to meet both those desires but allowing bidding to take place on rental properties, meaning that the landlord achieves occupancy at the best available rent and tenants get the property they want at the price they are prepared to pay. Bidomo is a RockRoland business.

RockRoland provides non-exec direction and consultancy to the Danish company adwonce A/S. adwonce is a subsidiary to the Danish company A/S. has worked with death notices since 2005 and runs and develops afdø – Denmark’s largest portal for the production and display of death notices. 85% of all Danish death notices are produced and displayed through afdø Throughout its lifetime, the company philosophy has been to be creative and innovative in the development of new technology, content and service.


In 2009 Chicago Aerosol acquired the Preval Spray Gun business and set about expanding it’s reach outside of North America.  While the product was already used in some countries, RockRoland worked with Preval to develop a distribution network and raise the profile of the product in new industries, companies and countries, from Russia to the Philippines. 

Roches Stores, not just nostalgia…… a new initiative coming soon……. watch this space….

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